google doodle
google doodlescreenshot

Search engine giant Google on Thursday treated its users to an animated doodle of a chocolate cake to mark its 14th year in the internet business.

The new doodle appears with 14 candles on the cake and later gives users a view of a half eaten cake that forms the letters of the Google logo on it. The candles arranged below the cake marks Google's 14th birthday.

Google initially celebrated its birthday on Sept 7 until 2005. The company later changed the date to Sept 27, which marked the announcement of the index-size milestone in terms of pages.

Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Stanford University, Google was incorporated as a private company on Sept 4, which was also once considered its birthday.

The first doodle marked the Burning Man Festival of 1998, and since then Google has created several animated illustrations to commemorate different anniversaries, birthdays and events. The first doodle of Google's birthday appeared on Sept 27, 2002.

Amid the celebrations, the company will launch "Google for Entrepreneurs" programme on its blog on Friday.

"As Google turns 14 this month, we're celebrating this creative spirit and officially launching Google for Entrepreneurs, the umbrella for our several dozen programs and partnerships around the world that support startups and entrepreneurs," Google said.

"To celebrate both our birthday and the spirit of entrepreneurship that's helped get us where we are today, we are hosting our first annual Google for Entrepreneurs Week, which will bring together more than 3,000 entrepreneurs and Googlers around the world," the company added.