Google Learns Its Lesson The Hard Way; Will Not Release Glass 2.0 Until Fully Ready
Google Will Not Repeat The Same Mistakes; No Public Testing Of Glass 2.0Reuters

Google is not the one to keep secrets for too long, be it the controversial Google Glass or the driverless cars.

The web giant is often seen publicly demonstrating its futuristic products, but it's all going to change now. At least in the case of the next Google Glass, the web search titan has decided to make the final product available only when it is fully ready.

Google did not gain much success with its Glass but attracted a lot of controversy. The Glass was an early prototype when it was launched in 2013, although a limited group of people experienced it. Google employees were skeptical about the Glass' success as it wasn't close to ready but company cofounder and Google X leader Sergey Brin pushed it out in the real world anyway.

"The team within Google X knew the product wasn't even close to ready for prime time," a former Google employee told the New York Times.

And in a whip, the Glass was gone.

Google stopped selling the prototype to consumers last week, a decision that came out of nowhere but deemed as a wise call. The Glass sales are stopped but the project continues to live inside the walls of Google X lab. The company is reportedly developing the second iteration of the Glass, which is under the caretaking of popular jewelry designer Ivy Ross and a former Apple executive Tony Fadell.

If there's anything the original Google Glass taught, it's not to rush into releasing the product until it's fully ready. Inside sources revealed to the Times that the Glass will be built from ground up without public experimentation.

"There will be no public experimentation," one adviser to Fadell told the publication. "Tony is a product guy and he's not going to release something until it's perfect."