Google to launch Brillo, Android powered OS made for Internet of Things
Google to launch Brillo, Android powered OS made for Internet of ThingsReuters

Following the enormous success of Android, Google is reportedly developing its upcoming operating system to enhance the Internet of Things. The Information reports that the new operating system, Brillo, would power any internet-connected electronic device. The OS would be able to operate the device even if the gadget lacks a digital display.

Google is working on a technology, which can purportedly run on any low-powered device such as printers or CCTV sensors that feature RAM memory as low as 32 or 64MB. This means that Google is trying to repeat Android's success with new Brillo OS. If Google becomes successful, Brillo will facilitate the manufacturers to create smart devices more easily.

A Firstpost report mentions the OS would make Google beneficial for owning the company naming Nestlabs, which makes smart thermostats, smoke alarms, and security cameras for the home.

Another Endgadget report points out that the latest OS will free the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) from designing their own IOT communication schemes, hence Brillo OS will put Google as "invisible backbone of tomorrow's smart home".

Google is expected to launch the new operating system in the upcoming Google I/O developers conference, which is about to take place in San Fransisco, starting 28 May.

On the same event, Google is also expected to launch the upcoming edition of Android operating system. As of now, Google has mentioned that the new edition will come with a codename of M and will feature more device integration and tighter security.