The Google Keep app has a few interesting updates, one of which involves machine learning.Google Media Kit

Google Keep is a lesser-known but very powerful note-taking app — great for making lists to setting reminders. The service also has a home on the web where one could cross tasks off their daily to-do list. While using Google Now to add more items to one's lists seemed like a pretty nifty feature, Google's come out with a few more.

One of the new features gets a touch of machine learning, the same tech Google DeepMind's AlphaGo AI used to defeat world champions at the supremely complicated strategy board game Go.

Through machine learning, Google has programmed Keep to auto-complete grocery lists. The feature is reported to be able to understand the context and when the user types in the letters "c" and "o", the list is intelligent enough to offer suggestions on the lines of "coffee" and "corn" instead of "coffin" or "commerce."

For now, the feature is restricted to grocery lists only, but it shouldn't be long before the applications of machine learning expands to other types of lists. We would love to see the ability to move tasks from Gmail to a to-do list on Keep.

The other updates include keeping track and eliminating duplicates while preparing lists and the ability to preview links that have been pasted into notes. When a link is inserted into a note, a little box with a thumbnail and a short description is automatically inserted into the note.

Google has also added changes to Keep's web and app interfaces. The web version now follows the same material design guidelines that can be found across Google's services.