Google Glass Will Come Back Stronger, Better And Brighter: Intel Processor, Larger Prism And More
Google Glass Will Come Back Stronger, Better And Brighter: Intel Processor, Larger Prism And MoreWikipedia

If you thought the Google Glass is dead, please think again. The Internet search company is developing the second iteration of the Glass, which is purportedly referred to as Enterprise Edition.

The next-gen wearable will feature several changes to improve the overall user experience by learning from the original Google Glass' shortcomings.

According to 9to5Google, the Google Glass Enterprise Edition will sport a larger prism and an Intel Atom chipset to improve performance and extend battery life.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition (EE) will not available for general public like the Explorer Edition (XE), which was taken off the shelves in January. With a larger prism, Google Glass EE will offer a better and wider display.

In addition, users will simply need to look up to see the information displayed on the virtual Google Glass display instead of straining their eyes by looking to the right. This was one of the major setbacks for Google Glass XE after prolonged use.

Some details such as the display's resolution remain unknown, but Google Glass EE's screen appears to be better than its predecessor, the report adds.

After fixing the display, Google is also addressing another nagging issue found in the original Glass. Users of the Google Glass XE complained about the short battery, which the EE version will overcome. As the company is reportedly planning to integrate an Intel Atom chipset, users can expect an increase in the battery life as well as performance.

This is in line with a WSJ report last December that speculated a new low-power Intel chipset for the next Google Glass. In addition, the upcoming Glass is said to have external battery packs, which will help business users push for extra hours or even days.

Other than these, the Google Glass EE is also expected to pack Wi-Fi connectivity with 2.5GHz and 5GHz bandwidth. There is no exact release date for the Google Glass Enterprise Edition but the official launch is expected to take place sometime this year.