Search engine giant, Google has announced the company's foray in to the smart wearable devices.

"We're always seeking new ways for technology to help people live their lives and this is just another step in that journey. Here's to getting the most out of the many screens you use every day, whether in your car, in your pocket or very soon, on your wrist,." said Sundar Pichai, Senior vice-president, Android, Chrome & Apps.

With the announcement, Google's new project 'Android Wear' will step in to the next level of wearable devices - Smart wristwatches;

Google's Android Wear based devices will go beyond being just a time piece, the smartwatch will become a secondary computer strapped on to the user's wrist, giving real time information like live weather report, traffic condition, flight departure data, an ability to monitor health and fitness, switch on TV, open music playlist on the phone and voice-command based texting, browsing, checking game score on the go, and he/she can even operate smart homes like unlock doors, by just saying 'OK Google Now,' open the garage door and perform many more functions. 

Motorola Moto 360 (credit: Motorola)

The company has invited app developers for collaboration to develop ecosystem, to recreate the same success just like Android Mobile OS. As per the recent statistics, Android powered smartphones account 75 percent of the global phone sales. 

LG G Watch (credit: LG Press Release)