Google has announced it would no longer support its Wallet Card starting June 30. The company said it will now focus on the Google Wallet app, a peer-to-peer payment system launched last year.

The search giant said in a blog post that the company introduced the new Google Wallet app last year "as a first step in that direction" to end its Wallet Card and concentrate on Wallet app.

"We've added the ability to quickly cash out with a debit card and send money using just the recipient's phone number -- and we're not stopping there. We're hard at work on new features, so keep an eye out for those in the coming months," Google said of its Wallet app. 

Wallet Card payment platform, which was introduced before contact-less payment services like Apple Pay and Android Pay came into being, will end in June. Now, card holders have to transfer money and make purchases before the dateline, as all services will be cancelled after that, including the Android Pay support.

For those interested in finding a replacement for their Wallet Card, Google says both American Express and Simple offer debit accounts with similar features, including a card, adding that they have teamed up with them so that Wallet Card users get an added bonus after signing up.

Launched in 2013, Google Wallet Card allows users to spend their Wallet Balance anywhere, online or in stores, where MasterCard is accepted. Users can also withdraw cash at ATMs provided there is balance on the card. It is an optional addition to Google Wallet app and users have to hand it to the cashier to make payments like in the case of credit or debit card.