Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, has directed the company's massive workforce to continue working from home up until June 1. Structuring a mobilisation plan for the employees, Pichai indicated that the transition from home to office will a gradual one.

The announcement by Google's headquarters in California comes in the wake of the rampant spread of the novel coronavirus in the United States Of America (USA). Meanwhile, Google offices in different parts of the world are issuing separate guidelines to their employees.

Google logo at the Google office in Toronto.
A neon Google logo is seen at the new Google office in Toronto, November 13, 2012.Reuters

Sundar Pichai writes an elongated mail to his employees

Pichai informed his workers about the further delay in resuming work from office via an email which has been procured by Business Insider.

"The six counties around Google's headquarters in California have just announced an extension to the stay-at-home order through the end of May, while many other localities around the world are issuing their own guidance," Pichai's email read.

"We do not have a specific date for return. However, everyone who is in a recommended or mandatory work-from-home status should assume that it will continue until at least June 1, 2020," it added.

Google has a detailed plan for resuming office

Aware of the fact that returning to the office after a period of several months will be overwhelming for some of the employees, Pichai assured them that the shift will be staggered and incremental.

"I wanted to share some high-level principles that are guiding our decisions. First, just as we were one of the first companies to move to WFH, we will be equally careful about our transition back to the office. There will be no one-size-fits-all approach, and the specific guidance will vary from location to location. Not everyone at a site will go back all at once," wrote Pichai in his email as reported by Business Insider.

Sundar Pichai posing next to Google's quantum computer
Sundar Pichai posing next to Google's quantum computerGoogle Blog

Furthermore, he ensured that Google will continue to monitor local conditions and make adjustments accordingly. "In all cases, we will listen to the best advice of health agencies, the medical community and our Global and Regional Incident Response Teams, who are constantly evaluating data to help us make the right decisions for each site," the CEO added.

Almost all the big establishments across the globe have been forced to implement work from home amid the havoc created by the novel coronavirus. So far, the China-originated virus has infected more than 3 million people globally out of which over 1 million cases are from the US alone. Also, the COVID-19 death toll has exceeded the 2 lakh-mark.