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Google Doodles Peacock for Independence DayGoogle

Google India on Wednesday adorned its home page with a peacock, the country's national bird, to commemorate the occasion of the 66th Independence Day on Aug 15.

The search giant, which has been celebrating India's independence since 2003, welcomed its users with an attractive and emblematic peacock, unlike previous Independence Day doodles that were marked by the tri-colour flag.

The peacock on the Google homepage is seen with a flipped neck forming the letter 'G' of the Google logo, while the other letters of the logo trail along the length of the bird's tail.

As a symbol of beauty and grace, the peacock signifies the richness and diversity of Indian culture. Found in abundance all over the country, the peacock is protected under the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972. The peacock was adopted as a national symbol six years after India gained Independence from British rule in 1947.

Apart from India, Bahrain, South Korea and the Republic of Congo, also celebrate their independence from colonial rule on Aug 15. Google also flanged different doodles for these countries on their respective home pages.

With a new doodle for every occasion, Google's animated logos have gained immense popularity and are seen by millions across the world. In the previous year on Aug 15, its home page raised a salute to India with a sketch of the Red Fort from where the Prime Minister addresses the nation on every Independence Day.