Even after Microsoft, Mozilla and UCWeb are getting decent response, Google Chrome is still preferred by many for its intuitive interface and ease of use. But the browser has its own set of disadvantages too and consuming RAM space was one among those.

And to fix those issues, Google has launched a new update of Chrome. The latest update will be responsible for decreasing the memory consumption, thus improving the battery life.

After the new update, Google Chrome will check if the system is running out of memory and will freeze the rest of the tabs to solve the problem. The new update will also check the timestamp of each tabs and when anyone found idle for a long period, it will free up the memory consumed by those tabs.

To save the battery or power of the device, Chrome 45 will automatically pause the flash videos which are not placed at the middle of the page.

To upgrade your device manually, all you need to check for updates in your Google Play Store or iTunes Store and tap once its available.

If you are using Google Chrome on a PC, check three consecutive horizontal lines on the top right corner of the Chrome window. If the upgrade has arrived, you will see an option saying 'Update Google Chrome'. Click on that tab and restart the system for making it effective.