Google Shows 'Dracula' doodle
Google Shows 'Dracula' doodle (screenshot)

Search Giant Google on Thursday celebrated the 165th birth anniversary of Irish novelist Bram Stoker, by an epitome of his classic gothic novel "Dracula" on its home page.

The latest doodle appeared in tune with Stoker's novel. The letters that make up the word 'Google' are displayed in red, giving the doodle an eerie feel. It also featured Dracula, flashing his fangs, and many other characters of the novel. A crescent-shaped moon and a bat flying overhead Dracula's castle completed the doodle. 

The first edition cover of Dracula

Born on Nov 8, 1847, Stoker entered the world of literature with his first novel "The Primrose Path" in 1875. He had authored several books during his lifetime including "The Snake's Pass" and "The Shoulder of Shasta". He is best remembered for creating gothic villain 'Dracula' in 1897.

The epistolary novel did not create much enthusiasm during the first few years after the release. It was only after Stoker's death in 1912 did the book rise to fame. A hundred years since then, his book and the characters in it continue to enthral the world of film and literature.

The desk where Bram Stoker wrote his famed 1897 book ''Dracula

Stoker inked the character of Dracula after years of research. He studied European folklore and mythological stories of vampires. Before setting off on writing the novel Stoker had met Hungarian writer and traveler Ármin Vámbéry. It was believed that the novel "Dracula" emerged from the dark stories told by Vámbéry.