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Google ATAP Unveils Project Tango TabletNvidia

In late February, the search engine giant, Google had announced the Project Tango smartphone with revolutionary 3D sensing technology, now the company has come with a tablet.

The Google's new project 'Tango Tablet' is jointly developed by the company's ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) division and the American chipset maker Nvidia.

[Note: ATAP was the division of Google's formerly owned company Motorola Mobility, now set to get acquired by Lenovo].

The new Google 7.0-inch tablet will house advanced computer vision and 3D sensing technology capable of tracking full 360-degree motion and the environment around the device and be able to recreate 3D imagery, the very same way humans perceive the world.

The advanced device is powered by Nvidia's latest Tegra K1 mobile processor, which houses 192 programmable GPU cores, which the company claims that it delivers the industry's most advanced mobile graphics and performance. Those cores are said to use the same efficient Kepler architecture found in the world's most powerful supercomputers and workstations.

Like Project Tango smartphone, the new tablet will also run on the custom Android OS with Unity Game Engine and development APIs to provide position, orientation, and depth data to standard Android applications written in Java, C/C++.

Other stipulated specifications include, 4GB RAM, 128GB inbuilt memory and to help create 3D imagery, the tablet houses 120-degree front-camera, 4.0-megapixel (2up) camera supported by separate motion tracking camera and integrated depth sensor. It also come packed with standard wireless connectivity features like Bluetooth (Low Energy), Wi-Fi and 4G-LTE network support (depends on carrier/region)

What are the Applications of the Project Tango?

One of the major benefactors would be gaming industry. Like we said earlier, the devices (smartphone/tablet) will have the ability to recreate 3D imagery of the surrounding environment; users can integrate role-playing games using their own house as a gaming arena.

And on social front, the smartphone/tablet will be a huge help to the visually impaired population. It is said to give accurate navigation guidance when sight-impaired people find themselves in an unchartered place or a building premise. Like when shopping for groceries, the device's advanced software can guide you directly with turn-by-turn voice-guide to the shelf containing the product, you are looking for.

Google Project Tango Tablet Price and Availability Details:

Since the tablet is under testing phase, initially the company will sell the device in limited quantities to application developers for $1024 (around €750/₹60,620) later this year. Buyers will get regular updates as software and API developments evolve.

According to Tech Radar, Google has a limited stock of 4000 units. Interested consumers (developers only) can register at Google ATAP page, here.

[Image Credit: Nvidia Blog]

Check out the Official Video Detailing the Google Tango Tablet Features: