Google has been leading the news since the opening day of its annual developer conference – Google I/O 2019, which is held in Mountain View, California. On the first day, Google has unveiled its anticipated Pixel 3a series and new large smart display called Nest Hub, which now sports a camera.

Apart from these hardware announcements, the search giant also showcased some of its software advancements. In software, the next-generation Google Assistant remains the most-talked-about topic as its new features and capability are going to the next level.

Here, we are listing some of its new features that were showcased at I/O developer conference.

Continued Conversations

This feature is coming to the new flagship Pixel devices later this year – most likely in Pixel 4, which could come in October. Now, you can perform a conversation with Google Assistant without any break or any lag.

The feature has made a ground appearance because Google has changed data processing on the Assistant. Previously, the inputs provided to the Assistant were computed on the company's data centres. But now, Google will compute input data on the device itself. Remarkably, the search titan has managed to compress the 100 GB data to a bite-size 0.5 GB, which can be stored in the device easily.

Google Assistant
Google AssistantGoogle

Locally processing data has made the Google Assistant 10 times faster as the latency reduces to zero, which will help users to do multitasking across different applications with the aid of the voice assistant. All you will have the need to say 'Hey Google' and let the magic of AI baffle you with its skills.

Duplex for web

Google demoed Duplex feature last year, which is intended towards simplifying tasks that are usually performed manually. Duplex can make a phone call on behalf of the user or make a reservation for dinner. It fills all your personal details which need to do a reservation or book a movie ticket.

In its web avatar, Duplex will do things like autofill forms with a mere tap or voice command. You will have to just need to say your command, and Google Assistant will do tasks like navigating the web page and autofill details. The updated abilities will make their way to the app later this year in the US and UK for Android devices.

Assistant learns more about you

With the upcoming update, the Assistant will start learning your habits. Now, Google can recommend suggestions based on your past choices and decisions. It can now suggest your favourite place to go or restaurants for dinner or the food you like most as per your previous records.

Google I/O 2019
Google I/O 2019Google

Driving mode is coming soon

Even though the driving mode has been available on Android devices for quite some time, it has limited features. With the updated Google Assistant, the company is going to make the driving mode more easy and helpful. Now it can be easily toggled with the help of voice command "Hey Google, let's drive".

While driving, if someone calls you, then Assistant will speak the person's name loudly and you can accept or reject the call with help of voice command. You can also perform some task over voice command like messaging or asking for navigation or tuning on/off car AC.