Google (Credit:Reuters)
Google (Credit:Reuters)Reuters

Search Engine giant, Google on Friday announced an application - Android Device Manager - which assists locating a lost smart device.

The upcoming Android device manager will let users locate their misplaced phone in few simple steps. If the users unknowingly misplace their phone under a cushion or other places, they just need to go to their PC and sign in to their Google account and using the app they can call up their phone to hear it ring. They can even over-ride setting options to make the mobile ring to its maximum volume if device is under silent mode.

In serious cases like mobile theft, the app enables the user to track their phone via Google maps in real time. If the smartphone is beyond recovery and worry of sensitive data getting in to the wrong hands, fret not, the Android Device Manager will let you securely erase the data on the phone from a remote place.

The new Android Device Manager app is very similar to the Apple's 'Find My iPhone' applications which perform all the functions above and it can even the lock the device to hinder strangers using it.

Android, Product Manager, Benjamin Poiesz said that the Android Device Manager application will be released later in this month. He added that the new app will work on any Android device running mobile OS Froyo v2.2 to the latest available v4.3 Jelly Bean operating system.