Google Android M Release: New OS To Allow Users To Choose What Apps Can Access
Google Emphasizes On User Privacy With Android M; Lets Set App Permissions ManuallyReuters

Google is all geared up for its upcoming I/O 2015 keynote and hype is building around the next iteration of Android OS, Android M.

Amid fans guessing the names for the next Android version, the latest bit of information could strike as a great bonus for those who prioritise privacy. According to a Bloomberg report, citing people familiar with the matter, Google's Android M will give users the freedom to choose what apps can access.

If you have downloaded an app on your smartphone, you will be familiar with the app permission window that asks users' to grant access to particular content on the phone. Even though users are unwilling, they are forced to accept the terms or choose not to install the app altogether. But Google might be changing that as the new report suggests users will have "more detailed choices over what apps can access," such as photos, contacts or location, Bloomberg added.

The latest move by Google, if true, puts Android at par with Apple's iOS that already lets users choose what apps get permissions to contacts, photos, location and more.

There hasn't been much info about Google's Android M but recent leaks have suggested that new OS will focus on improving overall performance, adding few new features and fixing known bugs from earlier builds.

Google has confirmed the dates for its I/O 2015 keynote, which commences 28 May and runs through 29 May. At the event, the web search titan is expected to make several announcements such as an upgrade to Google Glass, Project Ara, updated Android Wear, upgrade to Nexus series, Android TV and Android Auto. Luckily, we do not have to wait for long to find out what Google has in store for us.