Google Allo has some strong selling points
Google Allo has some strong selling pointsGoogle Allo (Official) website screen-shot

Earlier in the week, Google released the much-awaited Allo app to Android and Apple iOS devices.

Allo comes with all the basic elements such as text and multi-media messaging features that we find in several other messenger apps available in the market. But it has got a trump card - 'Google Assistant', an artificial intelligence-based feature, which has some pretty cool tricks up its sleeves, enough to give rivals WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and others, a run for their money.

Below we have briefly described all the key features of Google Allo:

AI-based Google Assistant:

Google Assistant is the marquee feature that makes Allo stand out among other messenger apps. Though the company claims the feature to be a preview version, it is really quick in understanding the messenger user's psyche. Powered by Google's advanced artificial intelligence technology, it can intuitively observe user behaviour and scan your Gmail account to remind the user of appointments or flights scheduled for the day.

That's not all; user can also chat with the app one-on-one to ask for direction to any destination or shop to buy groceries.

Funky stickers and emoticons:

One of the key features that people look for in a messenger app is whether it has variety in custom stickers and emojis. Well, Google Allo will certainly not disappoint in that aspect as it has got a treasure trove of emoticons. It also provides option to post images instantly with snap-option on the left side of the chat bar. Users can also do doodling on photos with ink feature, right on the message bar and post it instantly.

Smart Reply:

Smart Reply is a pretty handy feature that comes pre-activated in Google Allo to help make faster conversation on the phone. For instance, if the user is in a hurry and gets message from a friend asking whether he/she is free, nifty Allo suggests quick response phrases like "Yes, Why?"/ "Not sure, Why?."

Even if a sender shoots a picture on Allo, it is intelligent enough to make out the difference between animal, human and a place and suggest phrases like "nice Labrador", " cute", "Cool" , emojis, and other options right on the texting tab, thus saving time to type them.

Secured messaging:

Soon after the launch of Google Allo, there was a sense of apprehension over the messenger app's privacy structure. Truth to be told, Google Allo's security feature is quite debatable as it does not provide end-to-end encryption when the app is used in regular mode. Google claims that the chat data will be stored in its server to improve its Google Assistant service. That said, the company, if provided with search warrant for information, it is obliged to reveal the data to the government in certain countries, especially in the United States.

To over-ride this short coming, Google Allo provides incognito mode, wherein the chat details will have 100 per cent end-to-end encryption and also there is an option for message self-destruct after pre-set time expires like in Snapchat.

In incognito mode, if you receive a message, it will show – 'you got notification'- without displaying the actual message.

One of the limitations of Google Allo is that it is not available in web version. For now, it can only be used in phones and tablets. But, the good news is that, Google is already on work to release the PC version soon.

Google Allo system requirements:

Platform Compatibility Version Size
Apple iOS App store Works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch having iOS 9.1 or later version. v1.2 81.6MB
Google Play store (Android) Android V4.1 and above v1.0 44.62MB