Search engine giant Google India has touched an emotional chord by reigniting the history of India-Pakistan partition in a new advertisement.

The advertisement on Google search shows how grandchildren reunite two childhood friends who were separated ever since the 1947 partition.

It begins with an elderly man named Baldev in India recounting his early days in British India with his friend Yusuf. He narrates a story to his granddaughter about how he and Yusuf would steal 'Jhajariyas' from a shop near a 'baba adam ke zamaane wala' gate in Lahore after flying kites.

Touched by Baldev's story, the granddaughter does a Google search and finds that the ancient gate is in fact called 'Mochi Gate Lahore'. Then she does a search for 'oldest sweet shop' near the place and gives a call to 'Fazal Sweets' without telling Baldev.

A young man answers her call at the sweet shop and she gets to talk to Yusuf, who is still alive. Yusuf remembers his old friend and agrees to surprise Baldev for his birthday.

Yusuf's grandson uses Google to arrange for their passports, visa and flight to India. In the end, Baldev opens his door to see Yusuf standing and they instantly hug each other with teary eyes.

The video has already received 500,000 views on Youtube and is going viral on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Check out the video of the Google Search: Reunion advertisement below: