Google-Acer unveil all-in-one video-conference device Chromebase
Google-Acer unveil all-in-one video-conference device ChromebaseGoogle Blog Spot (Press Note)

Search engine giant Google and PC-maker Acer jointly unveiled a new all-in-one video-conferencing device dubbed the Chromebase.

"Today we're making this easy collaboration available in smaller spaces and also improving remote device management. Say hello to the Acer Chromebase for meetings, an all-in-one secure video-conferencing device optimized for use in small meeting areas with up to two people, [sic]" Vidya Nagarajan, Senior Product Manager, Chrome for Work, said on the official blog Thursday, March 31.

Acer Chromebase sports a massive 24-inch adjustable touch display, making it the biggest Chrome OS-powered device in the market. It also features an HD camera, four microphones and two stereo speakers.

The company has claimed Acer's Chromebase is a secure, self-updating and easy to manage unit. It comes equipped with Google's Chrome and WebRTC (Real Time Communication)-based technology for sharper video, audio and screen sharing, it said. Chromebase can accommodate up to 25 participants in the Google hangouts video conference session, added Google.

As a part of the remote fleet management programme, device-owners will receive alert notifications so they will be able to track the health of their Chrome devices before meetings.They can also remotely diagnose and troubleshoot audio, video quality and bandwidth problems. Administrators can also customise the interface using their own background images, the company said.

Acer Chromebase price and availability details:

The company has confirmed the new Acer Chromebase will be initially available in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland and Australia for $799 (€702/Rs. 52,954). The cost also includes the first year's management and support fees.

As a part of a promotional scheme, Acer is offering the device for $549 (€482/Rs. 36,374) to consumers who apply for the free 30-day Chromebase (two units) trial package. Those interested can sign up here.