The Good Wife
'The Good Wife' season 6 finale titled 'Wanna Partner?' is likely to take viewers through the next stage of Alicia Florrick- Finn Polmar romance.CBS/The Good Wife

"The Good Wife" Season 6 is coming to an end this Sunday, 10 May, at 9 pm with episode 22 titled "Wanna Partner?", which is likely to take Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) and Finn Polmar (Matthew Goode) through a romantic sequence.

While introducing viewers to a new law firm that could be called Florrick/Polmar, the show might also portray the protagonist as a sexual being in the upcoming sequel.

"Even though she's in her mid-40s, Alicia's character is not any less of a sexual being. She's tempted constantly. She is not someone who has given up on the possibility there is love in her life, so that's a long way to say I do think the audience sometimes goes there, but I think sometimes we encourage it by our storytelling," showrunner Robert King told E!Online.

Explaining further, Michelle said, "She's not just a professional lawyer, she's not just a mom, she's also a physical, sexual being and the fact that people are interested in all of those facets is a nice thing."

So it can be assumed that after focussing on Will Gardner (Josh Charles) and campaign manager Johnny Elfman (Steven Pasquale), the legal drama will explore the lawyer's relationship with Polmar. The creators have already teased that Goode's character will play a vital role in episode 22. "It was probably fat at the beginning and fat at the end and a little thin in the middle," Robert told Yahoo.

"The Good Wife" fans can also prepare themselves to watch some terrifying scenes of Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) in upcoming sequel. "He has one of the most intense scenes I've seen from him, where he just explodes in anger. I think the audience will enjoy that," said Robert. 

Meanwhile, the official synopsis of episode 22 reads: "When the protagonist gets a suspicious call from a client, she discovers that he's being held in a secret police facility where people are detained without being officially booked. In the meantime, her professional future hangs in the balance as she decides what's next for her career."

Watch the Sunday night's episode of American legal drama, titled "Wanna Partner?", on CBS at 9.00 pm to find out more about Alicia-Polmar's partnership, which will be live streamed here.