Alicia Florrick's (Julianna Margulies) decision to start a new law firm will not be the most important thread and mystery in "The Good Wife" season 7 premiere titled "Grunts". Rather, it will be the role of Louis Canning (Michael J Fox) in helping the protagonist build her career.

The CBS legal drama concluded season 6 showing the rival attorney urging the governor's wife if she was interested in a partnership and fans are waiting for her decision.

Although the cast and crew are tight-lipped about the protagonist's decision, speculations are rife that she could probably team up with Louis' wife Simone Canning (Susan Misner).

Meanwhile, the official synopsis for episode 1 titled "Grunts" hints at a new rival for Margulies' character. It reads, "As Alicia tries to revive her struggling law career, attorney Lucca Quinn becomes her competition".

"The Good Wife" creators will also take viewers through another political drama after the governor of Illinois Chris Noth (Peter Florrick) decides to run against Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

"We're trying to parallel what's happening on our show with what's happening in reality. If Peter runs, he is running against Hillary," teased executive producer Robert King.

According to the description for th premiere episode, Noth's character will engage a new strategist for his campaign and it will change the dynamics with Eli Gold (Alan Cumming).

CBS will air "The Good Wife" season 7 premiere titled "Grunts" on Sunday, 4 October, at 9pm.