The Good Wife
“The Good Wife” will be back on CBS with new twists and turns in Alicia Florrick’s life.You Tube/Screenshot

Fans of "The Good Wife" can expect some thrilling sequence of Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) in the mid-season premiere episode of season 6 titled "Dark Money", which will be telecast on CBS this Sunday, 1 March, at 9pm. 

The candidate for State's Attorney will not just comprise with her values, but may also play some hot scenes in episode 13.

Show-runner Robert King revealed that there is a possibility of couple fronts in "The Good Wife" with "minimal nudity and minimal sauciness," reported TV Line.

Though he did not disclose much details about the hot scenes in CBS legal drama, King said, "Julianna Margulies and Matthew Goode are amazing with that kind of tension."

He even talked about Alicia's eagerness to go off with someone. "Alicia is struggling with her own good-girlness... seems to be attracted to bad boys," he said.

Meanwhile, the 30-second preview trailer shows Alicia inviting Elfman to her room and a sequence prior to that shows her getting intimate with someone.

However, King did not deny a power couple sequence between Alicia and Peter (Chris Noth). 

"The Good Wife" fans can tune into CBS on Sunday, 1 March, to know more about the developments in Alicia's life. The show will be live streamed here.