The Good Wife
Peter will be making some move against Alicia in 'The Good Wife' season 6 episode 16 titled 'Red Meat'.Facebook/The Good Wife

'The Good Wife' season 6 episode 16 titled 'Red Meat' will not just focus on the state's attorney election but a real battle between Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) and Peter Florrick (Chris Noth).

The Governor of Illinois was always against his wife's decision to run for the state's attorney and has been trying his best to turn the voters against her. Once again he will make some move against her in next week's sequel of CBS legal drama.

As per the official synopsis of episode 16, Alicia's political future will be on the line after Peter gives an interview which could influence voter turnout on election day. But it's not just the governor who is playing a game against his life partner; candidate for the state's attorney is also prepared to go after him as a campaign tactic in episode 15 titled 'Open Source'.

So the state's attorney election has turned out to be an open battle between the most-talked-about couple in the state of Illinois and viewers can expect some interesting sequences between Peter and Alicia in the upcoming episodes of 'The Good Wife'.

Meanwhile, Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) will have a good time with her husband Kurt McVeigh (Gary Cole) as they will go on a weekend getaway with McVeigh's affluent hunting buddies in episode 16 titled 'Red Meat'.

CBS will air 'The Good Wife' season 6 episode 16 titled 'Red Meat' on Sunday, 22 March, at 9 pm.