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The unexpected death of Will Gardner has come as a shock to both fans as well as "The Good Wife" characters whose attempts to move on with their lives was portrayed in the last episode.

Although Alicia and Diane are still mourning Gardner's death, the upcoming episode will focus on their decision to merge their law firms. It still remains to be seen if Gardner's name will be removed from the Lockhart/Gardner law firm.

It is not going to be an easy task as both Alicia and Diane are at the opposite ends of a divorce case, but it is sure to open up a number of opportunities for the duo.

"Of course there's gonna be this hole in her life, but how she fills it and how she starts to question her choices - 'Why am I doing this? Why am I representing these a--holes?' - suddenly it's black and white. There's no gray area," Julianna Margulies, who plays Alicia, said about her character, according to E!Online.

"A death, I think anything important that happens in someone's life is a game-changer, and it makes you hopefully a better person for it. You'll see this tremendous loss for her, but the choices she makes from them on are incredibly careful, and they're mostly about her."

The official synopsis of the upcoming episode titled "A Material World" also indicates that Alicia will help Finn when it is revealed that he is looking for a scapegoat in the Jeffrey Grant case.

Jason O'Mara will return as Damian Boyle and this is expected to be his final appearance in the current season.

Meanwhile, rumors also suggest that Alicia and Peter will try to mend their relationship, now that Will is no longer in the picture. The promo of the upcoming episode shows Peter telling Alicia that his affair did not mean anything.

But Alicia responds saying: "When I cheated, it did."

However, a number of fans hope that Peter will show his sensitive side in the wake of Gardner's death and try to make his marriage work.

"A Material World" will air on 13 April on CBS.

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