Anton Ortigas
Anton OrtigasPR Handout

Anton Ortigas, who is into photography, says that he feels there is nothing to stress about the camera as far as clicking beautiful pictures is concerned.

"Photography can lift our spirits, change our mood and help us to look beyond the gloom that life can sometimes throw at us. It's important to remember that you don't need expensive camera equipment to take beautiful pictures. Most cell phones have the power to create incredible awesome images," Anton said in a statement.

He is one of the youngest Country Managers of an international company, second, as an owner of an f&b franchisor, and third, as n instagram influencer. With a professional workforce of more than 200 employees in the Philippines, Anton has certainly carved himself a top spot in a niche industry, and yet despite his success, you can still see him in action, always in pursuit of bettering himself and others around him.

This is why they recently launched their capacity-building initiative The Cotecna Institute, a training facility providing technical and vocational education in order to further professionalise the industry. It also provides leadership and skills enhancement seminars available to the youth in partnership with various government agencies.

His passion for empowering people goes beyond the confinement of skyscrapers and traffic jams, and this is seen in Coffee Syndicate, a homegrown farm-to-palate coffee shop in laidback Alabang that serves handcrafted specialty coffee made from locally sourced and roasted beans.

It also features curated products from students and budding entrepreneurs, as well as art pieces from illustrators, writers, and photographers from metro south. It also includes his own pieces from his internet-famous ig @antonorts, with over 40,000 followers and counting. There you can see his travels around the globe, captured in their wonder with Anton's unique take on lines, shapes, and color.

When asked how he manages time to take such beautiful photos in his busy life, he answers, "Social media provides an escape – a means to finding inspiration and breathing spaces in other realities."