Good Behavior
Pictured: The poster for Good Behavior.Facebook/Good Behavior

It is too soon to say whether Good Behavior will develop into something that's worth following, as the show has just aired two episodes. But something that the show has managed to achieve in these two weeks is give Downton Abbey viewers an opportunity to see Michelle Dockery in a new avatar.

Downton's Lady Mary has transformed into a single mother who is addicted to drugs and alcohol and other bad influences in the society. Good Behavior follows the life of Letty Dobesh, a thief and con artiste, who attempts to straighten up her life so that she could be actively involved in the life of her 10-year-old son. But trouble comes knocking on her door in the form of sexy hitman, Javier, just as she is released from prison.

Letty encounters Javier while robbing a hotel room. She is forced to hide in a closet where she overhears a conversation between Javier and his client about killing a woman. Letty sets out to foil the murder attempt, but due to an unfortunate turn of events, Letty becomes Javier's prisoner. She also becomes his accomplice, and their already volatile relationship will be strained in the third episode titled From Terrible Me when each blame the other for screwing up a mission.

Elsewhere in the third episode, viewers will see Letty landing in trouble with her parole officer.

Good Behavior airs Tuesdays at 9pm ET on TNT. The synopsis for this Tuesday's episode, From Terrible Me, reads: "Letty and Javier scramble to tie up loose ends following a violent crime committed by Javier, and each blames the other for their predicament. Meanwhile, Letty's parole officer gives her an ultimatum."