Goli Soda 2
Goli Soda 2.PR Handout

Vijay Milton, who shot to limelight with Goli Soda, is back with one more movie in the series. His Goli Soda 2 released on Thursday, June 14. Bharath Seeni, Vinod and Essaki Bharath are in the lead roles in the Tamil film, which also has eight directors in the cast including Samuthirakani and Gautham Menon.

Malayalam actor Chemban Vinod Jose, Subhiksha, who was part of Milton's earlier film Kadagu, Rekha, Rohini and Stunt Shiva have also acted in the film. Achu Rajamani has scored the music for Goli Soda 2 and Deepak has edited the flick, while director Vijay Milton himself has handled the cinematography department.

The movie is about the issues of three friends from the lower strata of the society who want to have identities of their own. They land in an unexpected situation while treading path to success. Their struggles and how they try to retain what they have earned due to years of hard work forms the crux of the story.

It has to be noted that the movie is not the continuation of the first part.


The early reviews coming on social media say that Vijay Milton has narrated the story of normal people in a simple way. The stories of three individuals converge in the interval. It is said to be a well-structured thriller which has followed the path of the first instalment. The action portion is the highlight of the film, say those who have already seen the movie:

Kaushik LM: #Golisoda2 2nd half - Heavy on emotional action sequences with the youngsters taking on powerful baddies; dialog heavy & dramatic. The first action block works particularly grt.. #GVM's screen presence lifts the film again in the end. Wish he had done a longer, full-fledged role!
#Golisoda2 - My rating 3/5..
Composer @achurajamani is a big backbone for this @vijaymilton film. Grt talent

Prashanth Rangaswamy: #GoliSoda2 - For commercial audience , over the top fights konjam manda soriya vaikuthu, the intention and karuthu thumbs up panna vaikuthu. Short but aluthamaana role for @menongautham , @thondankani - as usual the guiding light. Audience manasu vacha mass hit !!
#GoliSoda2 interval - Normal peoples life told in a normal way using normal people as stars. 3 stories converging beautifully in the interval. @vijaymilton has made a movie from his heart. I hope the second half will be as good as the first.

Sidhu: #GoliSoda2: Just like the memorable market fight with the kids last time, this one too has two solid action scenes. Terrific work by #SupremeSundar and @achurajamani in their departments.
#GoliSoda2: Nicely built-up thriller from Vijay Milton which follows the path of the first installment. The action sequences in the latter half are the highlight, very organically done. Worth a watch.
#GoliSoda2: Just like the memorable market fight with the kids last time, this one too has two solid action scenes. Terrific work by #SupremeSundar and @achurajamani in their departments.

Rajasekar: #Golisoda2 - The pre-climax stunt sequence is over the top and not as realistic as the first part but the impact is felt because of the solid backstory. As we root for the protagonists, the cinematic liberty in the action sequences can be excused!
#GoliSoda2 - But loved the first fight post interval, intelligent and impactful stunt choreography by Supreme Sundar . Though the second part is not up to the original, it's definitely an engaging watch. Goli Soda lovers can go for it
#Golisoda2 - The essence is same as in the original. Though things start off slowly to establish the characters, tempo raises towards the intermission. The stage is set for the three protagonists to revolt and get back the identity. Engaging

Haricharan Pudipeddi: Just like the first part, action elevates #Golisoda2 to emerge as a racy, relevant story of an underdog versus the world. Two terrific action stretches makes the viewing experience stand out.

Raisa Nasreen: #GoliSoda2: unlike its predecessor, this one doesn't have the thrill or the conviction. Bearing a few well-intended dialogues there is nothing logical about this film.