Goldberg has mentioned that he will have one last pro wrestling fight with Brock LesnarWikimedia Commons / Marine Corps Community Services

Veteran pro wrestler and prominent Hollywood personality Bill Goldberg made his much-anticipated return to the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on Monday Night Raw, October 17, in Denver, Colorado. The announcement that everyone was waiting for was also made -- Goldberg is set for another saga with decorated combat athlete Brock Lesnar in the pro wrestling circuit.

The two squared off last at WrestleMania 20 in New York City in 2004, when Goldberg earned a victory over Lesnar.

The probable return of the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) legend was teased for months since the 49-year-old was introduced as a special character in WWE 2K17. Following that, Paul Heyman, the in-ring advocate of Lesnar in the WWE, has been calling out the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and asking him to get into a rematch with Lesnar, also a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion as well as former UFC Heavyweight champion.

Goldberg's return to WWE on Monday, after 12 years, was received with major cheers at the Pepsi Centre and chants of his name filled the entire stadium. "Thank you for the humble return," stated Goldberg after he took the mic. "Brock Lesnar challenged me to a fight. But he never had the ba**s to do it himself. He made Paul Heyman do it for him.

"Then I thought, maybe I have one more a$$ kicking left in me. Maybe I have one last spear [his finishing move] in me. Maybe I have one last devastating jackhammer [another finishing move] left in me. Brock Lesnar, not only that means, 'you're next'. Most importantly, it means, 'Brock Lesnar, you're last'."

The Universal Soldier: The Return star also dropped the mic in an emphatic manner at the end of his speech, signifying the intensity and the directness of his no-nonsense message. It now remains to be seen where Lesnar and Goldberg meet for their rematch after 12 years. Reports have suggested SummerSlam, WrestleMania and even Royal Rumble as the several options.