Devoted fans of Discovery's popular show "Gold Rush" are familiar with Todd Hoffman and the bizarre goals he sets for himself and his team. The gold miner from Sandy, Oregon, has a habit of setting over-ambitious goals, due to which he often runs into unexpected hurdles that make it hectic, and even torturous, for him and his team to achieve the target. 

Season 7 of "Gold Rush" is set to return on Oct. 14 and it seems not much has changed in the way Hoffman plans the operations. This would be the first time he and his crew will be working in their home state of Oregon.

Discovery recently revealed the release date of the upcoming season and it seems that Hoffman and his crew will again root for big ambitions and hence will face big obstacles on their way.

The press release reads:

"...Todd Hoffman takes the biggest gamble of his life, turning his back on the Klondike and moving his entire operation to Oregon. Todd is on a quest for huge nuggets at the High Bar mine, located high up in the mountains. It's a bold move – with Todd so confident that he sets an ambitious 5,000 ounce goal – more than 2,000 ounces than his best-ever total. But with the first Oregon clean ups way below expectations, Todd begins to wonder if he's made a massive mistake. Could this season mark the end of the Hoffman crew?"

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Season 6 was probably the best one for Hoffman and team as they found more that 3,000 ounces of gold at the McKinnon Creek Claim in Yukon. They might find a significant source of gold this time too following Hoffman's plan, but there is no guarantee of it.

When Hoffman learnt about Yukon claim's owner selling it, he decided to return home and mine Baker County for gold, which is situated in the northeastern corner of Oregon. There is a significant possibility that Hoffman might get lucky in his home state.