In the latest episode of Discovery Channel's "Gold Rush" titled "Mammoth Channel," it seems that despite all the hurdles, Parker is determined to give up on his quest of Treasure Island.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, the Hoffman crew uncovers a unique potential sign of good gold while Parker refuses to give up on Treasure Island. Meanwhile, a fight between Tony and his men spells the end for some.

In the previous episode titled "ElDorado Dream," Parker got off to a disastrous start when he lost his key crew and Tony ordered him off his claim. Todd set a massive goal for the season and Tony revealed big plans to expand his operation.

Meanwhile, a major issue brought Tony's dredge operation to a halt as Grandpa John was rushed to the hospital.

Elsewhere, Todd encountered big issues as he attempted to move his 50 ton plant. Tony's dredge finally started producing gold. Parker piled on the pressure and it proved to be too much for one of his young crew members.

Todd's attempts to deal with a mountain pit him against his son Hunter. Tony's dredge took a hit as he put a rookie in the hot seat. Parker looked for advice from his Grandpa as he struggled to save his season.

Parker and his foreman Rick took a chance on a new cut. Todd searched for a fix so he could stop losing gold out of the sluicebox. Tony's crew hit a huge snag with the dredge.

At the end of the episode, Jack chased his dream at ElDorado; the richest documented creek in North America. Parker's crew pushed hard in attempt to have Treasure Island live up to its name and Tony discovered his dredge is pouring gold out of its sluices.