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Parker will make sure that his crew is putting its full effort by pushing their limit, while Todd will surprise everyone with a new claim in the upcoming episode titled "Oregon Gold" of "Gold Rush" Season 6.

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According to the official synopsis of "Oregon Gold," "Faced with losing McKinnon Creek, Todd goes prospecting for nuggets and a new claim. Tony steers the dredge in a radical new direction and Parker pushes his crew to the limit when he orders them to move the wash-plant in 12 hours."

Encouraged by his recent success, Parker is determined to make sure that he emerges victorious at the end of the season. Hence, he has ordered his crew to work with double efforts and make sure that the wash-plant is moved within 12 hours.

Though Parker's crew respect him, there is a possibility that it might make them upset as the work is already heavy and putting more efforts will surely make the task difficult for them to manage.

Earlier, some of Parker's crewmen had a dispute that resulted in a major loss for Parker. However, it seems that he has ignored the fact and has decided to continue dictating his crew in what he thinks is the best way possible.

Elsewhere, Todd is frustrated with losing the McKinnon creek. However, it seems that he has found a way to make up for his mistakes and he is more than willing to announce it to other teams.

Tony has also found a new way to operate his dredge, which will benefit him significantly. Whether or not his new scheme will work, will be found only once "Oregon Gold" airs on Discovery on Feb. 21.