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Internet domain registrar and web hosting company GoDaddy on Wednesday launched an app called Flare with an aim to help start-ups bring business ideas to life. The community-based app will empower people to share ideas and get guidance from friends, entrepreneurs, and experts that can help take new concepts and ideas forward.

Rajiv Sodhi, Managing Director & Vice President at GoDaddy India and Australia, said at the launch event that Flare app would help Indian start-ups and small businesses grow.

"GoDaddy seeks to inspire budding entrepreneurs and the start-up community in India to chase their dreams. GoDaddy is committed to developing innovative technologies, products and tools designed to empower entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses to communicate, collaborate and grow their businesses," said Rajiv in statement.

"Flare aptly suits the current business environment in India. India currently ranks 3rd in the global start-up ecosystem. The Government's push to the 'Start-up' community through multiple initiatives and improving ease of doing business is likely to promote the entrepreneurial activities further in the country; with several business ideas seeing the light of the day. Flare is where the seeds of ideas go to be nurtured and developed," he added.

The app has options for users to swipe left to "skip," swipe right to "snooze" or tap to learn more and "love" an idea. When an idea has enough "loves," the entrepreneur behind it can pose questions to the idea's followers. Users can become followers of an idea and pledge to be a future customer.

A feature called Top Charts in Flare will help entrepreneurs gain supporters for their ideas. It highlights top 20 most popular ideas within the Flare community on a given day, thus help users to follow the idea.

Here are features of Flare app:

- A simple, easy-to-use, elegant interface reminiscent of popular social media feeds

- Quickly give feedback by swiping left/right to dismiss or be reminded of an idea if it becomes popular

- Tap on an idea to learn more. Love an idea to follow its progress and shape its direction

- Entrepreneurs and followers can post comments, questions, and updates to promote more engagement and interaction

- Spread ideas by easily sharing them via social media

- Explore ideas that are nearby

- Quickly poll your followers for directional feedback regarding pricing, desirability, feasibility, among other things

· See all of your followers, across all ideas, and their expertise

· Gauge interest of your followers in being future customers via pledging Samsung

It may be mentioned that GoDaddy had recently expanded its hosting services by launching cloud servers and cloud applications for small businesses in India. The company offered cloud servers in the country starting at 0.50 paisa per hour.