Episode 10 of South Korean drama Goblin, which is also known as the Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, will focus on the past life of Shin, Sunny and the Reaper, and viewers will finally find out the events that led to Shin being killed by the King, who has been reincarnated as the Reaper. The episode will be live streamed on tvN, and can also be watched live on Viki.com.

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Episode 9 was a high point in the romance of Shin and Eun Tak as the duo finally declared their love for one another. The episode began with Eun Tak leaving the house so that she wouldn't have to remove the sword from Shin's chest and end his immortal life. But Shin traced her to a ski resort and convinced her to return with him, after both of them realised they are in no hurry to put an end to their blooming romance. Eun Tak also revealed that she will not remove the sword from his chest as long as she lived.

Elsewhere in the episode, we got a glimpse of the Reaper's romance with Sunny, and the episode ended with Sunny and the Reaper on what appears to be on a date with Shin and Eun Tak. Sunny seemed to be a bit apprehensive of Shin's intention towards Eun Tak and the uncomfortable situation only became worse when the Reaper accidentally called out her real name. It is only after Sunny calls him aside to question about how he knew her real name that the Reaper remembers that he'd wiped her memories.

To prevent him from escaping, Sunny grabs his hand and this enabled the Reaper to see her past life as the Queen. Shin looks at them through the glass partition and the next episode may see him realising that Sunny is the reincarnation of his sister, the Queen.

Goblin airs Fridays and Saturdays on tvN.