Residents of Goa with Portuguese nationality may soon lose Indian citizenship if a high-level central committee's recommendations are accepted, reported Press Trust of India. Around four lakh Goans have registered their names with the Portugal Central Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths.

According to Portuguese law, any person who registers his name in the registry is accorded the Portuguese nationality and considered a citizen of European Nations.

However, the committee citing India's Citizenship Act 1955 and Citizenship Rules 2009 has highlighted that any such registration in a foreign country will cease such person from being an Indian citizen. India's laws forbid dual citizenship.

The committee, which went through scrutiny of records and various deliberations, recommended that any question on when and how an Indian citizen acquired a foreign citizenship should be addressed according to the provisions mentioned in the Act and its Rules.

Further, the committee suggested that the government designate an authority to receive representation, conduct enquire in all fairness and transparency and submit a report (along with recommendations) to the central government on suitable course of action.

According to the PTI report, Portugal's acceptance of dual citizenship (and India's legal stance of single citizenship) has led to serious problems relating to both nationality and citizenship. Illegal stay in India, non surrender of Indian passport on acquisition of Portugal nationality and even violations of Foreigners Act have been some crucial issues.

Registration by a third party without the knowledge of the person concerned has seen certain public servants and personalities, including MLAs and MPs, have their names listed in the registry.