Union Minister of Social Justice Ramdas Athawale, popularly known for his 'Go corona, go corona' video on social media. now released a video saying all restaurants and hotels that sell Chinese food in India should be closed down and products made in China should be boycotted.

Athawale's video came after 20 Jawans were martyred in a violent face-off with the Chinese troops in Galwan Valley, Ladakh. 

Ramdas Athawale

'Stop eating Chinese food'

Apart from the video, he posted a thread of tweets stating, "China is a deceitful country. India should boycott all Chinese goods. Chinese food and Chinese food hotels should be closed in India!" 

He further wrote, "India has given Buddha to China, not war. But if China is in the throes of war, Indian troops will teach China a permanent lesson. India is at war with the Corona. So now we don't want war, we want Buddha. We are going to win the ongoing war with Corona and if the time comes we will also win the war with China." 

The Union Minister told ANI, "In such a time when our 20 soldiers were killed by the Chinese and they disrespected us, my request is that everyone should. All the states must give an order to ban Chinese restaurant and hotels."

Please spare Gobi Manchuri and Chowmein: Netizens react  

Netizens called Athawale's opinion self-sabotaging as they said that the food is made by Indians and it is just named Chinese Food, it doesn't actually come from China. 

"India me Chinese food Indians hi banate hain @RamdasAthawale sir. Isse China ko koi revenue nahi jaata. Ban karna hi hai to tiktok ban karwaiye."

Another said, "In the style of Legend Athawale sir: agar china ki nazar padi hamaare zameen pe, paneer raaita daal denge unke chowmein pe."