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Racism is deep-rooted and some people feel so entitled that they get into an altercation in public places without any trace of embarrassment either for themselves or for others.

Something similar happened in the southern state of Florida in the US where a small-time singer and an artist got so furious over her nail job in a salon that she lost her temper and started shouting and using expletives at the salon staff who helped her manicure.

The singer who goes by the name Corina Monica, she herself revealed it in the video, threatened the nail tech to teach her a lesson outside the salon.

Not done with her threat, she then asked the nail tech where she came from and after an expletive asked her to go back to the country she came from if she can't do her job properly.

"Why do you come to this country, work here, and don't do what's right for our citizen?...you make money, you live in my country, and you tell me you can't do my nail b****?," she ranted?

The woman herself is an immigrant

But ironically, the singer Corina Monica herself is an immigrant and came to the US from Romania at the age of 9, according to one comment posted on the video.

However, the nail tech and other members in the salon didn't resort to abusive language or skirmish instead they appeared giggling over the singer's outburst.

As the video started getting views and people criticizing the singer, she was forced to apologize for the salon nail tech and the entire salon stuff for her behaviour.