Mumbai could become inhabitable in the coming years because of floods and rising seas due the ever changing climate conditions in the world, says a report.  

Green house emissions pose a constant danger to our environment.
Green house emissions pose a constant danger to our environment.

A report by the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change, a group of eminent climate scientists, revealed that the world could face droughts, tropical storms and heat waves due to global warming. It advised nations to start preparing for the worst as conditions worldwide indicate more disaster coming our way.

The report said that the poor nations with bigger populations are at a higher risk of being hit by natural disasters but clarified that no part of the globe can be bereft from danger.

The panel formed by the United Nations in 1988 was earlier concentrating on the slow temperature rise caused due to green house emissions but is now trying to find out the cause of the extreme weather conditions that are unfolding in the world and which has till date cost the world a mammoth $80 billion in damages, Time magazine reported.

The report requested nations to be prepared for disasters as it could happen anytime. It gave the example of Bangladesh, which got hit by a storm and flood in 1970, killing 3,00,000 people. Following the incident, the Bangladesh authorities worked on their warning and disaster systems and were able to avert a severe cyclone with only 4200 individuals loosing their lives; far less than the figure in 1970. It also cited the the cyclone in 2008 that killed at least 138000 people in Myanmar.

The scientists gave a unanimous confirmation in regard to the increase in heat waves and record hot temperatures which they felt would be a wordlwide phenomenon. They also expressed chances of increase downpour in Alaska, Canada, Northern and Central Europe, East Africa and North Asia.