It is still not known when "Glee's" season 6 will debut but reports suggested that five new members are going to join the musical cast of the show. Earlier reports claimed that the final season of the show would go back to the McKinley High.

The characters that are going to join the show, include Roderick, Spencer, Jane, Mason and Madison.

Roderick is chubby guy whose voice does not match his personality. Spencer is the ace footballer who has a great voice. Interestingly, he is a gay, who has no regrets about his sexual orientation and no one can mess with him, as per TV Line report.

"He's post-Glee gay — no one messes with him about his sexuality because he will kick their asses if they do," stated the Website.

Jane is like Rachel who is determined and unconventionally pretty, whereas Mason and Madison are twins, as per the reports.

This being the last season of the show, the original concept might mount in.

"We're working on the last season now, and it really feels like it's getting back to its roots, which I love," show creator Rayn Murphy told the Website, adding, "I'm sort of reinvigorated about it. It's getting back to what I was initially interested in with the show, which was arts in school. The last season is really about the importance of arts education in our high schools... I think people will like it."

"Glee" emphasized on the importance of art education from the very beginning.

Meanwhile, what could be considered the major spoiler is that the last episode of would be significant for Rachel and Mr. Schue.

"Yes, we do have a final idea that we're working on that I think is very powerful and moving. It's about Rachel and Mr. Schue, and it returns them to their origins, their roots, how they felt about each other when they were much younger and everything was idyllic. I think the ending has to be a reflection and a celebration of how far all those characters have come," Murphy said.

The creators of "Glee" reportedly want the entire original star cast of the show - from teachers to old students - to come back.