Season five of "Glee" came to an end on Tuesday with all the characters going their separate ways with hopes of a bright future.

While the last episode of the season saw one couple coming clean and sorting out the glitches in their relationship, heartbreak was in store for yet another.

Blaine and Kurt, who haven't been having a smooth sailing off late, worked on their relationship to prove that nothing, and more importantly, no one, can come in between true love.

The episode saw Blaine revealing to Kurt that June never had any intention of including him in the showcase. "How am I supposed to believe that you love me if I can't trust you?" Kurt screams, but later the duo patch up, much to June's dismay.

But she later has a change of heart after the duo perform "American Boy" and the wealthy socialite tells Blaine not to let anyone make him doubt what he is sure of.

Meanwhile, everything is not rosy for Sam and Mercedes as the couple breaks up after Sam admits to kissing a photographer. Although Mercedes forgives him, she suggests it is better for them to go their separate ways, especially since she is not ready for premarital sex.

A dejected Sam then decides to give up a promising career in modeling to move back to Ohio.

Rachel is still without a potential love interest and it appears that she has given up her dream to become a big Broadway star as well.

She gets an opportunity to work in a television series and Rachel feels that it is her future. "I always thought that Fanny was the role I was born to play, but then I read this," Rachel says of the pilot script. "This is it. This is my dream role."

At the end of the episode, Rachel heads to Los Angeles, Mercedes goes on tour, Sam moves back to Ohio and Kurt and Blaine move in together.