Darren Criss and Chris Colfer
Darren Criss (L) and Chris ColferReuters

Now that the "Glee" gang have moved to New York City, some of them are finding it difficult to adjust to life in the big city. This is especially true of Blaine (Darren Criss), who decided to live with his fiancé Kurt (Chris Colfer) now that they are in the same city.

But emotions get in the way and Kurt finds it difficult to share his personal space with Blaine. Kurt feels that they are turning into an old married couple, and he is also uncomfortable with that fact that Blaine is constantly hanging out with him.

Kurt turns to Elliot (Adam Lambert) for advice, who tells him that they have to set up some boundaries. But Kurt snaps when he returns home and sees Blaine rearranging furniture in the apartment they share.

During the heated argument that follows, Kurt tells Blaine about Elliot's suggestion, but this only makes Blaine angry. In a fit of jealousy, Blaine heads over to Elliot's place and accuses him of sabotaging their relationship. Elliot manages to calm him down and explain that Blaine should stop acting clingy, as this was only driving away Kurt.

Blaine gets home and tells Kurt that he has decided to move into another place to give their relationship some space. Although the couple isn't breaking up, Blaine tells Kurt that they should slow down their relationship.

Blaine moves in with Sam and Mercedes, who is in the city to work on her album.

Will staying apart benefit Kurt and Blaine's relationship? The upcoming episodes might have an answer to that question, but fans believe living separately might help them in their personal growth.

Meanwhile, Lambert, who plays Elliot, is expected to leave the show due to other commitments. The American Idol runner-up is heading off on tour in the summer with Queen and he has various other projects including an album in the pipeline.

"I also wanted to say how much I loved being on @GLEEonFOX this season. I learned so much & had so much fun. Thanks to the cast and fans," Lambert tweeted on Tuesday.

Fans are sure to miss Lambert, and a section of them have already taken to their Twitter accounts to share their dismay at Lambert's departure.

"Already missing Elliott Gilbert aka Starchild like crazy," tweeted a fan.