Recently, a trending crypto presale of the decentralized NFT GameFi token has appeared, which is ready for the 2nd stage of the presale, increasing the price by +22.87%. In honor of this, a couple of days before the transition to a new presale stage, experts held an AMA with the developers of Girles Metaverse.

The experts held the first AMA with the developers of Girles Token to find out the intentions and goals of the Girles Metaverse. Girles Token is a decentralized NFT GameFi token created on the Ethereum platform, the presale for which is available to investors right now on the website.

1. What happens if not all tokens are sold during the presale?

The remaining tokens after all stages of the presale will be burned.

2. What will be the price of the token at the time of listing?

The cost of the token at the fifth stage of the presale is $0.003571 per token. This value will be set upon listing.

3. When will there be a listing on the exchanges?

According to our roadmap, an active listing on the exchanges will occur in stage 3 of the roadmap, but the token will also go through several listings after a successful presale.

4. How many tokens are allocated for liquidity on exchanges?
The total liquidity percentage in tokenomics is 21.07%, among which 677M tokens will be allocated for liquidity on centralized exchanges.

5. What 3 terms can describe a token?

GameFi, Metaverse, Future.

6. What is the Girles Metaverse team up to now?

Now we are actively looking for platforms for advertising, and we are also actively developing the NFT Market and Minecraft P2E server, information about which we will publish soon.

7. When will the token pass the Audit?

The token has already been audited by Cyberscope, and other contracts will be audited following the roadmap!

8. Girles Token is this meme coin?

Definitely not! Girles Token is first and foremost an NFT GameFi token with a growing community and new ideas. We're trying to be something big!

9. Why didn't you flag the Marketing Campaign in the Roadmap? Are we in for something big?

There is no limit to perfection! We are still looking for platforms for promotion, so everything is just ahead.

10.Is the token code open?

Yes, the token code can be viewed on Etherscan, where we confirmed the token contract.

11. How many days did it take to launch the presale?

Since the Girles Metaverse site is not a one-page site, it took about 70 days to develop the contracts and the site. Most of the time was taken by testing because we do not like to present raw products.

12. When will be NFT Minting and how many stages will there be?

NFT Minting is already available for users, and NFT Minting has already moved to stage 2. In total, there will be 7 stages, as a result of which the Minting Fee will increase from 0.25 ETH to 4 ETH.

13. Will new girles tokens be minted?

Not! The peculiarity of the token does not allow minting new tokens and increasing the Max Total Supply. Girles Token has many security features.

14. How much can one earn by investing in the early stages of the presale?

The presale of the token has a 207.05% ROI. It means that by investing in the early stages, the investor can get up to 207.05% profit during the presale.

15. Will there be an NFTs listing?

Yes, soon we will list the NFT collection on the relevant NFT sites.

Bonus Question:

16. Will there be airdrops among investors?

Yes, we are currently working with a company that will help us with this

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