"Girl Meets World" just got back on air after a holiday hiatus and it looks they are taking yet another break this week. The upcoming episode of "Girl Meets Money" will not air on Friday, 15 January; instead the season 2 episode 27 will be aired on the next Friday, which falls on 22 January.

In the previously aired "Girl Meets STEM", Riley (Rowan Blanchard) learned about how women are stereotyped and are taught not to concentrate too much on difficult subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Riley sees a pattern in how girls are being treated and takes a stand against it. "Girl Meets STEM" is just one of the many times that "GMW" has shown how effortlessly most social evils can be tackled.

In the upcoming episode titled "Girl Meets Money" Riley and her friends learn more about adulthood and money. While the children contemplate on how wealth would change all of them, businessman and the owner of the Dallas Mavericks will be seen helping them out. In the promo he is seen telling the kids that he is planning to give one of them quite a bit of money.

While Lucas (Payton Meyer) believes that money will not change any of his friends, Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) is immediately seen daydreaming about how she will spend her days as a rich person. As Riley and her friends deal with the existential dilemma of how important money is, Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) may have to face some real troubles.

His father Minkus (Lee Norris) will be seen back on the show and he has apparently made some bad investments, which might lead the Minkuses into poverty. Farkle worried about the future and how he will live without the luxuries that he used to, in the upcoming episode "Girl Meets Money". Watch out for it on Friday, 22 January.