With last week's "Girl Meets the New Year", Disney's "Girl Meets World" has officially gone on a mid-season hiatus, and fans are left with a major cliffhanger that had been in the building since Season 2 Episode 12 "Girl Meets Yearbook".

The Mathews' family and their friends heralded the New Year a little early, but the question still remains unanswered. Who dates Lucas (Peyton Meyer) -- Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) or Riley (Rowan Blanchard)? Lucas definitely cares for both of them, and we know that both the girls, despite their feelings for Lucas, will step down for the other.

"Girl Meets the New Year" has ended with Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) revealing to the gang that Riley still loves Lucas, and Lucas, Riley and Maya sitting on a bench wondering where their future is headed.

However, it looks like that will have to wait because from the promotional photos of the mid-season premiere, it doesn't look like they are addressing the love triangle right away. In fact, it deals with feminism, and how from a young age, girls are systematically told not to waste their time on subjects like science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Riley is reportedly agitated that the boys in her school will not let her participate in a science experiment, and fights to become more involved in the same. As always, we can also count of "Girl Meets World" to bring light to social malpractices in a light-hearted and realistic way.

From the promotional photos of "Girl Meets STEM", it looks like Chemistry class will see Lucas and Maya becoming partners, while Riley and Farkle get paired up. Zay (Amir Mitchell), who was noticeably absent from the previous episode, will be partnered with fellow-classmate Sarah.

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