Michael Jacobs and April Kelly's "Girl Meets World" kick-started the second season by triggering our imaginations and letting it fly high. And as the episodes are unfolding, the flow is only getting better and more engaging. In the upcoming episode 18, Riley will have to face a whole new challenge in the form of a "ghost from the bay window".

The previous episode "Girl Meets Rileytown" saw Riley played by Rowan Blanchard happily welcome and accept her flaws and weirdness as her unique personality. In the next episode though, she and her best friend Maya (played by Sabrian Carpenter) will confront a ghost who used to be a flapper girl in 1920s.

According to official synopsis titled "Girl Meets World: Of Terror 2", this episode is the follow-up of the three-part Halloween episode "Girl Meets World of Terror" that was aired in the first season. It will see the flapper ghost cast a spell on everyone, including Riley and Maya all the while making them do whatever she wants.

To make the episode more exciting, Ross Lynch and Laura Marano from another popular Disney show "Austin & Ally" will also be seen representing their original characters Austin Moon and Ally Dawson, respectively. They will feature as guests in the Halloween party.

Following the famous idea "save the best for the last", the episode will see an entertaining dance performance by Austin, Ally, Riley and Maya at the end – all showing steps under the spell of the flapper ghost.

Will Riley and Maya be able to break the ghost's spell and get back to their original self? Will Austin and Ally make it out of the monstrous Halloween party?

To check out for the answers, watch season 2 episode 18 of "Girl Meets World" at 8.30 pm (EST) on Friday, 2 October on Disney Channel.