Debbie Ryan in 'Girl Meets World'
Debbie Ryan in 'Girl Meets World'Screenshot/Youtube

Disney Channel series "Girl Meets World" has completed season 1, but is yet to start airing season 2. The creators have a special treat for their young fans for Disney's "What the What" weekend. The special "Girl Meets Demolition", alternatively titled "Girl Meets What the What" will be aired on Friday, 17 April.

The Mathews will be joined by a special, possibly sinister guest, in "Girl Meets Demolition", Debbie Ryan.

Ryan, who plays the titular "Jessie" in another Disney series, will be seen manipulating Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) and Riley (Rowan Blanchard) into making some ridiculous purchase.

The promo suggests that contrary to the dream nanny that she portrays in "Jessie", Aubrey in "Girl Meets World" is downright "scammy". The girls are seen selling all their clothes to Aubrey, who is planning some big scam.

Meanwhile, Corey (Ben Savage) is seen in shiny, new and obscenely-tight clothes saying, "There is $1200 I am never getting back".

Seems like no one will be safe from Ryan's scam, especially none of the Mathews. What trouble is Aubrey stirring up in the Mathews household and who will finally save the day?

Find out in the special What the What "Girl Meets World" episode "Girl Meets Demolition", to be aired on 17 April, Friday, at 8.30 (EST) on Disney Channel.