A couple spending an intimate moment in a park.Reuters

Whether it's the sour grapes effect felt by a jilted lover or a bunch of individuals indulging in moral policing, the cases of couples getting assaulted on some pretext or another is becoming far too common in this country.

The video of six men beating up a couple in Uttar Pradesh's Hathras city which went viral on WhatsApp was by no means the first such instance and unfortunately will not be the last either.

It once again raises questions of the level of tolerance, especially towards women, that one associates with many parts of India.

What is worrying is that even families don't spare their near and dear ones when they feel that the barriers of morality have been pushed, as was the case recently with a Bengaluru cop who publicly beat up his daughter for having an affair with another man.

Here are some other videos of instances when people have taken law into their own hands.