Social experiments
Top Social Experiment Videos of 2014YouTube screenshot

In 2014, many have come up with strange ideas for social experiments as part of research programmes to study human psychology and behaviours. 

Social experiment videos, with the help of hidden cameras and YouTube, always go viral on social networking sites. 

Check out some of the most viral social experiment videos of 2014:

Girl Asks for Condoms: Shocking Reactions

When lakhs of people die from sexually transferred diseases like AIDS in India, a girl went on to ask a daring question to some strangers. She wanted to find people's reaction to the question "Where can I get a condom?" There were some really awkward and weird reactions. Interestingly, there was a good-hearted person, who even gave a condom to the girl from his pocket. The video went viral and received more than four million views.


Girl Pees in Public: Shocking Reactions

What if a woman wants to pee in public? A girl conducted a social experiment, and went on to ask some strangers where she can find a nearby loo, which many of them were not even aware of. While some couldn't control their laugh after hearing the girl's question, some asked her to pee behind the bushes. The video received more than three million views.

Harassing a girl from North-East

Racial discrimination has become one of the major problems of our society. Majority of Indians treat the people from the North-East as outcasts and as a result, most of them face issues from physical to mental abuse. A group of social activists conducted a social experiment, where a man was harassing a female from North-east in a public place, and many of them ignored them. However, there were only a few people, who actually supported the girl. The video was viewed more than two million times on YouTube.

Abusing Woman Inside a Car

For this social experiment, an empty car was parked in a dark corner of a road, with audio devices that gave out noises as if someone was sexually harassing a girl. While many of them neglected the noise, some just peeped inside the car and moved away. There were a few heroes, who actually tried to break open the car, including a 78-year-old security guard. Meanwhile, someone even called the cops, who arrived at the spot.