GIGABYTE Introduces GTX980 WATERFORCE 3-Way SLI Kit for Enhanced Gaming Performance
GIGABYTE Introduces GTX980 WATERFORCE 3-Way SLI Kit for Enhanced Gaming PerformanceGigabyte

Gigabyte has announced the launch of the world's first GTX 980 Waterforce 3-way SLI kit (GV-N980X3WA-4GD) in India. The GTX 980 Waterforce 3-way SLI kit features a closed loop liquid cooling designed for hardcore gamers in search of the most quiet and the coolest ultimate gaming performance, especially in 4K resolutions.

Powered by three Gigabyte GeForce GTX 980 graphics cards, the kit is solidly built to deliver monstrous graphics power up to its highest possible potential.

Each graphics card is pre-installed with the exclusive water cooling unit and radiator connected with a pair of coolant pipes. All three independent radiators are placed inside the external metal watercooling box. The intuitive control panel with an OLED display located at the box' front panel enable gamers to check the performance of the 3 graphics cards in real time.

This intuitive control management offers two control mechanisms for gamers. By utilising the Target Temperature Mode, the fan and pump speed for each card will be automatically adjusted to attain uniform user-defined GPU temperature across all 3 cards with a few simple clicks. Gamers could also make use of the Fan/Pump Control Mode to adjust each card's fan and pump configuration individually as preferred for achieving other desired performances.

With the exclusive 3-way closed loop liquid cooling architecture, the Waterforce breaks through the multi-way configuration air cooling limitation and keeps all the cards cool at the same temperature level. Without having any of the cards overheat, the system is able to perform up to 42.6% lower in operating temperatures overall and 13.1 dB lower in acoustic performance under load compared to a 3-way SLI reference cooler for ultra-stable extreme gaming in near silence.

The kit features Gigabyte GTX 980 graphics cards in 3-way SLI that could turn any typical gaming rig into an ultimate gaming machine, unleashing the richest graphics performance even when running the most graphically demanding game titles at 4K resolutions.

Further equipped with Flex Display technology, the graphics cards provide gamers with the greatest flexibility in output connectivity options for multi-display gaming utilising a combination of DisplayPort, HDMI and dual-link DVI.

The GTX 980 Waterforce 3-way SLI Kit (GV-N980X3WA-4GD) will be available in India through INGRAM and its network of channel partners. Comes with a 3-year carry-in warranty, the manufacturer haven't mentioned the price yet.