A mysterious video uploaded to YouTube paranormal researcher Deborah Hatswell is now the hottest debating topic among conspiracy theorists and marine enthusiasts. In the video, apparently sent to Deborah by a diver, a giant skeleton can be seen lying on the seabed. In her video, Deborah explained that the diver who works in the oil and gas industry spotted the giant skeleton in 2017. She also added that the diver was using a remote-operated vehicle (ROV) at about 830 meters below sea level to explore the beauty of the ocean. 

Mysterious skeleton sparks debate

In the footage, the remote-operated vehicle approaches the seabed and can be seen spotting a strange set of bones. The vertebral column of the skeleton lies in a straight line, and the whole specimen measures approximately 30 meters long. 

sea skeleton
Giant skeleton spotted on the seabedYouTube: Deborah Hatswell

However, the bone spotted on the seabed was so brittle, and it crumbled into dust as the ROV touched its surface. 

"The dimensions of the skeleton on the video do not fit with the usual size for any sea life in the area. A whale has three blades on its spinal bones each spaced 120 degrees apart and this creature seems to have only two," said Deborah in the video. 

Sea dragon or a marine dinosaur?

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, Deborah revealed that she compared the skeleton with other known giant creatures on the ocean, and made it clear that she could not find a match for this skeleton. 

"I checked out living sea mammals and came up short of 30 meters. I had a look at the usual suspects – whales, oarfish, and sea snakes. The largest oarfish specimen was around 8 meters long, this specimen is around 30 meters," Deborah told Daily Star

As the video shared by Deborah has gone viral on online spaces, netizens have started claiming that the skeleton could be of a sea dragon or a marine dinosaur

"That's fascinating! I'm sure there are many creatures living in the sea we are unaware of, thank you for bringing us this," commented Pauline Phillips, a YouTube user. 

"How amazing is that find? So much of the ocean is unexplored. I'm not surprised when they find larger skeletal remains like these. It certainly looks serpent-like. Very interesting," commented Dee Spence, another YouTuber.