Brazilian man has to surgically remove the giant lungfish stuck in his anus
South American LungfishWikimedia Commons/ Francis de Laporte de Castelnau

In a bizarre news that makes one wonder whether to cringe in disgust or laugh in mirth, a South American Lungfish reportedly made way into a Brazilian man's anus and used it as a temporary abode. Needless to say, his predicament was further worsened when the big fish refused to come out and had to be surgically removed by a bunch of giggling nurses.

Although it is not known how the giant lungfish that lives in swamps and slow-moving waters found its way deep in to the man's anus, it is understood that it found the place quite comfy and decided to set shop. Realising that he had no choice, but to get the big fish surgically removed by experts, he approached the Hospital Universitário (University Hospital) in Londrina, Brazil, Live Leak reported.

While, the surgical team dealt with the task at hand, they sure weren't professional enough to refrain from laughing at the pain, or rather the giant lungfish, in the man's ass. In fact, during the surgery, which has been immortalised in the form of a video, the nurses can be heard laughing. In particular, a female voice can be heard taking exceptional merriment at the Brazilian man's plight.

Towards the end of the surgery, gasps can be heard as the still alive giant lungfish gets pulled out of the man's bum and many of the onlookers are seen filming the procedure on their phones. The fish was euthanized after getting pulled out.

The unidentified man from Londrina in Brazil and his anus have now become viral sensations, since its appearance on LiveLeak. The video, which is extremely graphic, was initially posted to Best Gore.

Although the news makes an average human shiver in wonder, this is not the first time a fish was lodged in a man's anus. Back in 2013, The Sun had reported that a Chinese man from the south eastern province of Guangdong was admitted to a local hospital after he inserted a live, 20-inch-long eel into his anus. The man, who was trying to recreate a scene from a porn movie he saw, had to undergo an overnight surgery to have the fish extracted.