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The first trailer of 2016 "Ghostbusters" reboot movie is out and it seems that the fans are happy to recognise several elements from the classic "Ghostbusters" films. After months of online debate and arguments regarding how the movie will turn up, the trailer has surely given some hope to the devoted fans of the supernatural comedy movie.

However, anyone who has seen the original "Ghostbusters" movies will immediately realise that more than a complete reboot, several scenes in the trailer hint at a possible sequel. Even though the upcoming movie has been officially claimed as a reboot, there are clear indications that it will borrow story from the previous film of the franchise, "Ghostbusters II."

The trailer starts with a description: "30 years ago, four scientists saved New York. This summer, a new team will answer the call." The description clearly hints at the original Ghostbusters team that comprised of iconic characters of Peter Venkman (Bill Murray), Ray Stantz (Don Ackerman), Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis) and Winston Zeddemore (Ernie Hudson).

The scene then cuts to the renowned firehouse that served as the headquarters of original Ghostbusters team and it seems that the new team will also be making it their base of operations.

Afterwards, several well-known elements appear from the original movies; Slimer, the most popular ghost from the series, the Ecto-1 car (though in the original movies it was a 1959 Cadillac, in the new one is a 80's Cadillac model) and the heavily-modified Proton Pack and Proton Guns.

Hence, it seems the new Ghostbusters movie will be a sequel to some extent and given the recent success of such experiments, it could be a good idea too. Recently, "Jurassic World" was praised by both fans and the critics. Even though it was a reboot of another iconic franchise "Jurassic Park," it served as both a sequel and reboot and garnered praise from the audience among the old fans as well as the new ones.

Whether the strategy will work for "Ghostbusters" too, it will be revealed only once the movie makes it to the theatres. However, so far, the trailer looks good and convincing.